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Window replacement is a smart home-improvement idea, especially if you select well-made high-performance replacement windows. Because your home heating and cooling bills will be lower-and your home will be a lot more comfortable to live in, they will save you money. New windows will increase your home’s value and provide numerous other perks like enhanced levels of safety and security, greater charm, less need for maintenance and the joy of effortless operation.


Consider replacing your windows if:


  • Your home feels drafty in cold weather or uncomfortably warm from heat penetrating your windows in warmer weather.
  • Your heating and cooling bills are high-and continue to increase.
  • You’re concerned about how safe or secure your windows are.
  • Your home’s existing windows are faded, making your home look old and dated.
  • The glass in your windows is cracked or the operating hardware is in need of repair.
  • Your windows are difficult or impossible to close or open.
  • Your old windows require constant work-puttying, painting, and re-caulking them.
  • You’re planning to sell your home and you need “curb appeal” to make the sale.


Windows protect your home from a great variety of elements.  Make sure they are in shape, fitted properly, and doing their job and you will save a lot of money over many years.