Why You Need To Have Your Gutters Cleaned!

Gutters are an overlooked asset to your home.  Oftentimes, they are only noticed if they fail to perform as designed.  Because they fall into the “out of site out of mind” mantra it’s time to bring attention to the valuable service that they provide for your home.

Gutters are designed to channel the water that is coming from your roof and move it to the ground in a manner that doesn’t tear up anything.  If your gutters are clogged up, you are going to run into a world of problems.   The first problem that comes to mind is when water isn’t allowed to drain properly it starts to overflow from the gutters.  This allows water to constantly pour down the wood surface of your fascia boards and can quickly bring about wood rot, which leads to costly repairs. 

Also, when water is overflowing from your gutters you are going to have a good bit of soil erosion in the areas directly underneath your gutters.  When you spend lots of money on developing beautiful landscaping, over the course of several years, and don’t pay attention to your gutters, you can lose all of your work very quickly.

Lastly, is really annoying trying to leave your home and have a huge amount of water pour straight down on your head because you failed to have your gutters cleaned.

Now that we understand the necessity of having your gutters cleaned let’s examine why you should leave it to the professionals and not try to do it yourself.

Properly cleaning out your gutters isn’t a difficult job in that there are minimal tools needed and it is pretty simple to do.  The problem is that due to the fact you are either working from a ladder or from on top of a roof, it is a highly dangerous job to do and unless you are wanting to spend your weekend in the ER it should be left to the Pros.

Think about it all the dangers associated with just cleaning your gutters.  You have to climb up a slippery ladder, hold onto a bucket, a scoop, a water hose, a sponge, a pole and you have to be able to work while you are clinging to that ladder.  Professionals have all the proper tools, ladders, safety devices, to make sure the job can be completed properly and safely.  Having your gutters cleaned by a professional is cheap when you consider just how much damage overflowing gutters can cause to your property and just how difficult they are to clean.

Little Rock Gutter Cleaning provides the crew, the equipment, and the know-how to make sure your gutters are cleaned properly and safely every time.  We offer free same day estimates and we accept all major credit cards.  Call us today at 501-550-4651 and get your gutters cleaned this week.